Learn beautiful baby massage from the comfort of your own home with Sweet Pea’s. As your home is the most relaxing environment for you and your baby, we will come to you to teach a group or one to one session.

The benefits: Bonding


Baby massage offers a way to get to know your baby, enhance interaction and to communicate to him/her that he/she is loved and respected. Early positive interaction for babies is very important to help them adjust to the world from the womb and to establish a secure attachment with a carer.

The benefits: Relief


Baby massage can help to offer relief from the discomfort of digestive pain caused by wind & constipation and can also soothe teething pains, relieve nasal & chest congestion and help dry skin.

The benefits: Development


Baby massage can help to stimulate the nervous system which aids coordination and sensory development. It also improves circulation and strengthens baby’s muscles & joints.

The benefits: Relaxation


When you massage your baby your body produces relaxing “feel good” hormones which help you both to relax. A more relaxed baby is likely to feed and sleep better.

“I really enjoyed this course, Charlotte made it fun and easy and having the information pack to take home made it easy to remember the routine after we left.”

“the atmosphere managed to be professional but also fun and personal. I would highly recommend Charlotte’s baby massage course to friends in the future.”

“Lovely relaxed and fun environment, very excepting of babies that aren’t quite in the mood for massage!”