About me

My name is Charlotte Morgan and I am the founder of Sweet Pea’s Baby Massage, and a qualified baby massage instructor. I started Sweet Pea’s based on my experiences of how incredible the effects of baby massage can be and my aim in life is to spread the word about how important positive touch and massage is for every new parent and baby.

About Sweet Pea's Baby Massage

Like so many new mums I initially struggled to bond with my baby. I was so looking forward to having an amazing mother- daughter relationship, and I was fully expecting to feel a rush of love and emotion the moment she was born.

When the rush didn’t come, I was left feeling lost and unsure of how to make my daughter happy. Like most new-borns she cried a lot in the early days and I found myself struggling to cope, feeling frustrated by her cries, and only really enjoying the times when she was peacefully asleep and I could get some rest.

All I wanted to know was how to calm, soothe and bond with her, but my confidence as a new mum had been knocked and I started to doubt if I would ever understand her needs, or learn how to respond to them and give her what she needed.

When I discovered baby massage and started to practise it at home, everything started to change. It gave me the chance to tune into my instincts and spend some relaxing one to one time with my baby. I started to learn her cues, and how to respond to them in a positive way, as well as learning techniques to help soothe her when she cried. It was like a switch turned on inside me, transforming our relationship, and empowering me to embrace my role as a mother and enjoy the time we had with each other; especially the parts when she was awake!

As our bond continued to develop I started to research everything to do with baby massage, becoming increasingly passionate as I learnt about its history and the numerous benefits it offers. I eventually decided to train as a baby massage instructor during my maternity leave which was hard work, but well worth it!

About Sweet Pea's Baby Massage
About Sweet Pea's Baby Massage

My daughter is now my greatest joy in life, and it is because of her that I have found my true passion and a career I love. I am passionate about teaching other new parents how to massage their babies, enabling other parents to feel empowered too and spreading the joy and benefits positive touch can have.

If you are wondering if baby massage could help you and your baby, I would urge you to have a go. I would love to teach you myself, but whether you decide to learn with Sweet Pea’s or not, please just give it a try! The power of touch really is incredible and you will be amazed how much it can help you and your baby.

Charlotte Morgan

Founder of Sweet Pea’s Baby Massage
Baby Massage Instructor