One to One Sessions
We offer one to one classes

We offer one to one baby massage sessions where you will benefit from being the only pupil in class.

In a one to one class you will learn the entire massage routine from start to finish, as well as a specific colic routine and winding techniques. Because of the nature of one to one lessons, we can tailor your learning to make sure we concentrate on the techniques and strokes you feel your baby needs the most.

Sometimes it can be very nerve-wracking leaving your home with a newborn, especially if they have a colicky episode. While I would always recommend attending weekly classes, as you will receive support from other new parents, sometimes learning in the comfort of your own home is the best option.

One to one classes are 1.5 hours long and are suitable for babies from 8weeks- crawling. Because they are subject to my availability, please contact me to book.

Price: £75

We offer one to One classes.